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Examples of applications of stress/strain sensors in concrete structures:
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All embeddet sensor types with a single sensor electronics in concrete
All types of sensors with a single sensor electronics
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32 addresses for sensor electronics
Technical information
The system is based ultrasonic technology. With the highly accurate measurement of the running time (TOF) and the temperature with a sensor. With this technology, all parameters Stress, Strain, Load, Lenght and Elongation can be measured.
The resolution is in the ps range. The standard deviation is 35 ps.
The data are available in real time.
All sensors have the same electronics and can be exchanged for the servive.
The sensors have fixed cable RJ45 CAT6 PUR (operating temperature -40 ° C to + 80 ° C) with detachable connection for electronics with RS485 bus.
Each sensor has its own electronics with 12 bit temperature measurement. Each sensor can be addressed for the RS484 bus.
The power supply is 24 V (12 .... 30 V) DC.
The temperature range is - 40 ° C to + 80 ° C.
A data logger with SD card can be delivered to the system. The recording rate is variable. About a USB interface, the data can be retrieved for further processing.
Standard 32 participants on the bus RS485. As an option is an extension to 256 participants (RS485) possible. Each address can with a multiplexer (default: 16 sensors) can be extended.
Multiplexor sensor electronics for 16 sensors
Each sensor has its own temperature measurement.

Each sensor has has a globally unique sensor ID.

Long distance cable (1200 m) between the sensor electronics and data logger.

Maximum (default) for big projects: 512
Multiplexor sensor electronics with addresses