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Application for the monitoring of bridge bearing - "smart bridge"

With the sensor BBS_10 DS bridges of any type can be monitored to load changes.
The measurement of the bearing forces or stresses can be performed with the sensor BBS_ 10_DS under any stock, no matter what type.
When building a bridge, the sensors are located under the anchor plates in concrete. With a plurality of sensors arranged in the bearing plate the distribution of the vertical loads can be measured within the bearing.
The advantage of this method is that no changes are necessary in the construction of the bearings. This allows the owner of the bridge also subsequently allow the monitoring of bridge bearings.
During the subsequent monitoring of bridge bearing small holes below the bearing plates to make the concrete base.
Under the support plate, the sensors are arranged in those small holes with diameter 1 inch. For force and load transfer, the sensors are embedded in mortar suitable source.

The evaluation of the sensors can be done in a simple manner with a handset data sampler.
For a permanent bridge monitoring, the measurement can also be performed with a high sampling rate.

The free choice of the scanning speed of the sensors used to monitor the traffic load in real time.
The sensors are constantly on bridge bearings or active in the building. The simple design and small size allow the full application of all buildings made of steel or concrete.
After the procedure many roads could be monitored worldwide. The costs of such monitoring are low.

With an intelligent filtering of the load data, seismic events can be detected. To bridge the excited oscillations caused temporally offset bearing loads with different amplitudes .

Of course, the sensor can be integrated in the same bearing plate. This is simply a recording to mill. It is mounted with appropriate mounting adhesive.

Similarly, the load distribution under vibration or earthquake protection systems it is easy to measure.

Overseeing the bearings a "smart bridge" can provide important data in real time for conservation management.

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