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The investigation of the liquid takes place via analysis of multiple reflections regarding its number and its respective pulse amplitude. The evaluation can be made thereby echo-specifically or by the envelope.
The number of multiple reflections is proportional the transmission behavior of the liquid. If the transmission pulse amplitude and/or the receipt reinforcement are given, the sludge density can be controlled in a simple manner and measured.
With a probe reached the sensitively in

g (solid)/l (water)

lies in the range needed for applications of sewage purification plants.
The monitoring of mud lines is interesting also for processes of the rav material processing and for the monitoring of waste water loaded with oil. The solid concentration H is a function of the sound transmission T and is proportionally the transmission pulse amplitude S and the wavelength L and in reverse proportionally to the pipe diameter D and the number of echoes E:

H = f (T, s, l, 1/d, 1/E)

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Oilmonitor SDM2 - Sludge Density Meter with Ultrasonic


The sludge density measurement works according to the principle of the absorption measurement of ultrasonic waves with reflection on the tubing or container wall. According to standard with a sensor with a frequency between approximately 1 MHz… 2 MHz and a transducer one works. Only in cases of extremely large absorption of the ultrasonic waves by very high solid content or when measurements in very large containers, a sensor with low resonant frequency can be necessary. The term mud density covers celebration materials solved here (suspended solids) in liquids. The solids can be mineral or organic kind. The measurement is independent of coloring materials. A comparison with standards of the optical measurements is not possible directly. In concrete case of application a calibration with Test-Liquids is, their solid content gravimetrically is usually determined necessarily. With clear liquid (liquid without solids) a terminator point of the calibration curve is determined. The functional test of the measuring instrument can take place with filled line in addition, in a small container.

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